September Events

Friday, September 16th from 6:30PM – 9:30PM: Kids Night Out Lego Party! Our students will enjoy a night of Lego building, board games, movies, and a pizza party while you take the night off to yourself. $30 per student. Space is limited.

Register here:–wgcwb

Hi-Yah! ???? Turn your child into a Little Ninja this Saturday, September 17th, at our FREE Karate Beginner Workshop in Grand Blanc! Ages 3-12 welcome!

In this free community event, we will demonstrate how martial arts improves concentration, focus, self-esteem, and more. Learn how we use real-world life skills to improve your child’s mind and body. Ages 3-4 begin at 10:00am, ages 5-12 begin at 11:15am. This event will be held on September 17th at our studio in Grand Blanc. 

Space is extremely limited!

Sign up here: 

Register Here:–wgcPw



For people new to martial arts who would like to train like an ultimate fighter without the broken noses or funny-looking ears. 🙂 🙂

Have you struggled with staying in shape?

Do you get motivated for a few weeks, go to the gym, lift weights run on a treadmill, and just get burned out? Yeah… we all have…

Have you always been interested in trying martial arts but don’t like the idea of wearing those funny-looking uniforms?

Let’s face it.. We don’t want to look like the next Karate kid.

Join us for our FREE one-day Mixed Martial Arts class! You will be introduced to the world of mixed martial arts without the egos or tough guys!

No, you will not get punched in the face or kneed in the mouth during this class…

Just a class with regular people who want to get in a workout and learn self-defense.

Sign up soon! This free event will fill quickly!

Join us this Saturday, September 17th at 12:30PM at our Grand Blanc studio! 

Testing will take place on Sept. 28th and Sept. 29th at our Grand Blanc studio during normally scheduled class times. If you have any questions please ask a coach. Registration is $40.
For testing requirements visit:

Sept. 26th to Sept. 29th is Buddy Week at Cosens Martial Arts! All of our current students may bring a buddy to class to train free!

Sign your buddy up here: